Trigger Point Massage

This massage technique is named after Trigger Points. Trigger Points are muscle knots or  nodules that are formed by muscle overuse or injury. When you have a spot that feels painful to touch, that is most likely a Trigger Point.

These knots can also cause referral pain, otherwise know as pain in an area further away from the actual knot. If you press on a Trigger Point on your shoulder, you may feel referral pain in your neck or down your arm.

Trigger Points are almost always a tiny piece of muscle tissue in spasm. When you have many spasms in one area it is referred to as Myofascial Pain. These are also common in the jaw and often mimics TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder). Some times these knots get mistaken for other ailments. Clients often complain of pain in the groin, stomach, hip, back or ankle. Once we check and find Trigger Points and release them, the client finds instant relief.

How-To: The way to relieve Trigger Points is to begin pressure in the exact area of pain and knead slowly and precisely. If it is too painful then start with mini massage sessions and do as many as you can handle in a day. You can also apply heat to the are before massaging and then ice after your are done with the massage. This will bring blood flow back and forth to the area and relieve pain. The way to know if it has released is if you feel less pain as time goes on. You can use your thumb, knuckles, elbow or any tools available for those hard to reach areas. Check out the effective tools to help breakdown Trigger Points below.

The X is the Trigger Point and the red area pain referred by the Trigger Point.

One of our favorite books on Trigger Point therapy is The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief, Second Edition. This book is a easy to use guide to understanding and treating your trigger points.

The Neck King – Hands-free Trigger Point Self Massage Tool for the Neck and Back (Blue) is an effective tool in treating trigger points, especially in the neck and back.

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