Ice Massage

Ice massage an easy and effective way to treat swelling and acute injury. It’s another way to apply cryotherapy and works faster than waiting for ice packs to cool the area being treated. It helps relieve swelling and painful areas in the body quickly.

For a DIY method: Place a few inches of water in a dixie cup and freeze. Once frozen, tear the cup away until ice is showing and use the remaining part of the cup to hold onto while massaging so your hand does not get cold.

Ice Massage the area in circular motions on the skin. Remember to keep moving so you do not cause the skin to burn. Never fall asleep with ice directly on the skin. You can use ice massage on any area you can reach. Just remember avoid the spine while doing ice massage.

Only 3-5 minutes is needed for effectiveness.  Check out the video below for a visual guide.


Our favorite tool for ice massage Pro-Tec Athletics Ice-Up Portable Ice Massager. We always have it on hand in the freezer so when injury, swelling or the accidental bruise strike we will be ready for it!  This is essential for anyone who plays sport, weekend warriors and small children that like to explore.





The videos below will show you how use ice massage on the low back and the knee to reduce swelling as well as ice massage for bruising.



Ice Massage on the Knee

 Ice Massage for Bruising

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