Cross Fiber Friction

Cross Fiber Friction is a manual technique developed by Dr. James Cyriax for the treatment of soft tissue injuries. This technique breaks down and reduces knots and lesions which form during injuries, such as tears, breaks or sprains. When Cross Fiber Friction is utilized on the injured joint, ligament or tendon it assists the body in forming strong flexible tissue.

The Video below demonstrates Cross Fiber Friction to the Ankle.

The way to administer the technique is to begin by using very little oil or lotion if any. Now, I understand the average person might not be able to feel the fiber grains direction, however, when you touch an area that is injured you might be able to follow the knot or adhesion in a certain

Never apply Cross Fiber Friction if the area is newly injured, red, swollen or very painful. Also, be sure to ask your doctor before beginning any massage technique on yourself. If your injury or scar tissue is old then begin lightly and follow your pain threshold. Take it slow and work  a  few minutes at a time. You can increase the time each day and follow with ice to lesson inflammation and soreness.

Conditions such as tennis elbow, bicep tendonitis, ankle sprains, and tendonitis of the knee respond very well to the friction therapy as the pain lives in the tendons and ligaments, not the muscles. I work on my own ankles to break down old sprained ankle scar tissue. Although it can make me somewhat sore, I attain full mobility in my ankles  and my entire leg is looser all the way to my hip.

If you still can’t grasp this technique don’t worry it takes practice. It’s as if you are lightly rubbing your skin back and forth on a straight line. Then change direction and rub up and down again.

More Videos to come!


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