Tools & Gadgets


The TP Therapy Balls are great! These tool actually engages soft tissue and help break down trigger points. It is harder than your standard tennis ball and comes to a gentle point that can address specific areas. The lime green ball is a bit softer thus you have to work a little harder with it if you like deeper pressure. The red ball is firmer and there is no effort to be done. You can feel the deep pressure instantly. (see video here)


The GRID Foam Roller is a step up from regular rollers because its grooves really help break down knots. (see video on Unusual Father’s Day Blog Post)


Quadballer Thumbnail

The TP Quad Roller is an important tool as tights Quads or upper thigh muscles cause leg, hip and back pain. When you release knots and trigger points in this area you will feel an overall release.


The Real Ease Neck and Shoulder is a favorite of ours. We like to use it during a massage for maximum relaxation.  We also like to  keep one near bed for night time reading and relaxation.


The Da Vinci Tool has been around for a long time. This is one of our favorite tools in the self-care tool box.  Its easy to use and effective. CLICK HERE for demos on how to use it.


The Still Point Inducer was first introduced to me while I was training in Craniosacral Therapy. It is used to bring the the intracranial fluid rhythm to the point of stillness. When this happens all of the neck muscles relax and thus it contributes to pain relief.

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