Contrast Therapy

After you have treated the acute stage of the injury with Cold Therapy you can continue with contrast therapy to maximize the healing benefits of your body’s own circulatory system.

Contrast Therapy uses both HEAT causing vasodilation and COLD causing vasoconstriction to increase circulation to the area being treated. Heat increases circulation, oxygen and, nutrition to the cells while cold takes away metabolic waste and debris. Therefore speeding up the rate of healing and mimicking the powerful action of the heart.

How-To: Start with cold for 15 minutes, then take a five minute break and switch to heat for 15 minutes, and take another 5 minute break, and return to cold for another 15 minutes.

Breakdown-  Cold 15 mins, break 5, heat 15mins, break 5, cold 15min

We handpicked the products below for their convenience and ability to be used for both heat and cold therapy.

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