Heat & Cold Therapy

Western medicine preaches the healing powers of cold therapy (aka cryotherapy) and Eastern medicine preaches the healing powers of heat therapy. In the many years we have assisted folks in pain, we have come to the conclusion that both heat and cold therapies have a purpose. There is much confusion and controversy regarding both treatments so use the information provided to decide which is right for you and your particular ailment.

Cold Therapy

Heat Therapy

Contrast Therapy

The products below were handpicked by me for the ease of use and their ability to be used as both a heat and cold tool. Our preference in the heat vs cold front is to use them both. Once your swelling (edema) has subsided or if you are not retaining fluid in the area you may begin with cold for 15 minutes, then take a five minute break and switch to heat for 15 minutes, and take another 5 minute break, and return to cold for another 15 minutes. Cold 15 mins, break 5, heat 15mins, break 5, cold 15mins.


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