Flying Tips & Tools

If you love to travel but hate flying you are not alone. By the time we get to the airport and past security our necks and backs are already tight. If you are traveling economy the seats can be brutal. My frequent traveling clients almost always call me as soon as they land or the day after they get back from their trips. Almost every inch of their bodies are sore and constricted. I believe that if you can make your airplane ride more comfortable and take a few massage tools with you, you can actually leave the plane feeling relatively relaxed. I didn’t include TP Therapy Balls in this selection. I however, find they can be a great item for your back and feet. Take a look and see if you can benefit from any of these. I chose the ones with the best reviews and I plan to try some next time I fly. If you are on the shorter side like me a footrest is a must. I usually spend most of my time pushing myself up while trying to sleep. Let us know what you think.

Therm-a-Rest Travel Cushion is an inflatable cushion you can easily use once you board your flight. This light travel cushion offers both back and leg support to relieve pressure, making long drives and flights more enjoyable. Self-inflating top and bottom pads allows a fine-tuned adjustment and it packs easily in carry-ons for life on the go. It’s light to carry and easy to use. A great seat cushion.

Skyrest Travel Pillow is unique because it allows you to sleep in a forward position. You can cradle it and keep your head forward and rest comfortably. There is a one-way valve which allows for easy and quick inflation and deflation. It can be used by anyone no matter their height. Now thats accommodating, and it  only weighs 20 ounces!






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