Quickly Relieve Your Shoulder Pain with Myofascial Release

August 19, 2014

Subscapularis is the muscle underneath the shoulder blade. Most people don’t even realize its there until we work on it or point it out.  It is the most ignored, most underrated muscle in the body. When we find Trigger Points that need releasing there, our clients are very appreciative.

Most shoulder pain is related to the Rotator Cuff Muscles issues.  This important rotator cuff muscle should never be ignored. It will let you know it needs ATTENTION when:

You find it difficult to reach across the front of  your body.

Have pain in the back of your shoulder and down the back of your arm and wrist.

You have limited shoulder movement along with pain when lifting, dressing, etc.

You’re unable to bring  your arm behind your back, as in the photo below.


Releasing the Subscapularis Muscle

1. Locate your Scapula (Shoulder Blade)


This triangular flat bone moves along with your arm and shoulder. When you shrug the elevate and they rotate or swing left and right along with your arm. They can also depress down. If your Scubscapularis Muscle which is underneath is tight the Scapula will stick and cause pain during movement.

2. Finding your Subscapularis Muscle

photo-1 copy

My pen and finger point to the Subscapularis under the Scapula. You can find it in your armpit when you press up. You must use the opposite hand across your body to be able to locate it and massage it.

3. Massaging Your Subscapularis

Some people prefer to sit while using this technique. We prefer laying on your side. This will give you better access and allow you to relax your entire body into the pressure. When you do find it, you can fit your fingers and hands under it.  Depending how tight you are press and hold with the tips of your fingers. If you’re pretty tight and have trigger points begin by lightly pinching the area to release the connective tissue. Then follow by pressing your fingertips and gradually being able to insert your hand. Hold for at least 30 seconds at a time. Remember to breath and relax.  Lifting the Scapula is a wonderful way to release the entire shoulder girdle. You’ll not only feel lighter but you will also breath better!

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