Nip Your Low Back Pain/Strain in the Bud!

July 29, 2014

This is Part One of our Low Back Pain Series


Does your lower back feel:

  • Stiff or Tight
  • Achy
  • Tender
  • Weak
  • Unstable
  • Swollen
  • Spasm with movement

If so you may be suffering from Muscular Low Back Pain or Strain. 

Easing your Low Back Pain 

Here it comes again! Low Back Pain. I’m sure you have felt it at some point in your life. Knowing why and how you came to have Low Back Pain will help you relieve it and keep it at bay. Knowledge is Power and the more you know about your body the better you will be able to resolve it and hopefully prevent it in the future.

So, let’s get to the nitty gritty of this common debilitating condition. The muscles of the Lower Back support the body and protect us and perform movement. So when you have pain in the low back you are mostly good for nothing.The best way to help that is by icing the minute it hits you along with bed rest for as long as you can. Next, the muscles of the low back are large and thick with muscle fibers (strands of muscle tissue bundled with nerves among other vital vessels).

When these fibers are knotted up they short circuit and cause pain. You need to comb these fibers out with your hands or tools to remove knots and inflammation which is the catalyst for your pain.

Get familiar with your low back muscles if you suffer from low back muscle strain. Besides learning what your limitations are in regard to lifting and sports, teach yourself how to prevent a slight pain from getting from a 1 to a 10 on the pain scale.


Important Muscles to Massage and Treat to Heal and Prevent Low Back Pain/Strain

This week we are discussing the most well known muscle to cause us pain in the low back. Quadratus Lumborum (a.k.a QL) is the most common source of your Low Back Pain and once you learn to keep it free of Trigger Points and stiffness you will be able to avoid future episodes.  As you can see below the fibers run vertically so massage along the fibers first the then against them by using Cross Fiber Friction strokes you will relieve your pain.


Front View


Back View

Quick Steps to Alleviate your Low Back Pain

    1. Ice and Rest
    2. Self Massage with Hands or Tools
    3. Apply Topical Medication
    4. Stretch if the pain is not acute
    5. Use heat
    6. End with ice or cold therapy

Here is a quick Video on How to Massage Your Quadratus Lumborum

Products We Use to Help Ease Our Low Back Pain

Topical Pain Medications

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For Cold and Hot Therapy Products and more information on massaging your low back, please refer to following pages below.

Next week we’ll discuss another important Low Back Muscle which is implicated in Low Back Pain & Strain – So look out for Part Two of our Low Back Pain Series!

Do you have any questions? Feel free to leave your questions below!

Wishing you a pain free day,

Elizabeth and Carly
Self-Massage Gurus

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