How to Treat Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) with Self Massage – Part III

November 11, 2014

It is called Tennis Elbow.It happens a lot to many people especially those who work on a computer, carpenters and tennis players. It is also called Lateral Epicondylitis which happens to most of us who use our arms repeatedly. It is a repetitive motion condition that causes pain in the the forearm muscles which meet in the outer elbow. The pain can and will go to the wrist and hands. It can even creep up the arm to the shoulder. Its a horrible condition and we can help you rid it, if you have had it before or you doctor says to try self treatments.


Do you suffer from the following:

Pain in the condyle (the boney area of the elbow on the outside)?

Inflamed elbow or tendons near the elbow on the lateral (outside) of the forearm?

Is your elbow warm, swollen or red?

Do you have weak grip strength?

If you suffer from any or more of the above you can and will most likely have Tennis Elbow. Hopefully, you have had it under 4 weeks. If so, then make sure to ice it three times a day for at least 5 to 9 minutes while you wait for your doctor’s appointment. If its coming back again and it hasn’t been longer than 4 weeks, you can ice as well and start the self-massage treatment we offer here.

If you don’t have a wonderful gadget like we do for icing ourselves, then try to fill a dixie cup or use an ice cube until you can get one of these below.

Pro-Tec Athletics Ice-Up Portable Ice Massager

No more ice packs filling up your freezer. The Ice Massager is a fast and easy way to target your pain. The travel container allows you to take your ice where ever you go! We love it! You can buy one with or without the travel container. Just click on the Ice Massager above to order.

The part of the treatment we love to have you learn is Self-Massage. This will really help along with the Icing. It will bring blood and nutrients back to the area and clear out inflammation. If you haven’t already signed up please do so above so that you can receive the password to retrieve it.

Along with the Pro-Tec Ice Massager which we think you would love and use we also recommend using a Tennis Elbow Brace to help heal the tendon. Wearing one will help in so many ways, including supporting the tendons while you use your arm. We have a couple we like.

BandIT Therapeutic Forearm Band

Mueller Hg80 Tennis Elbow Brace

These three products are the best of what we can offer you. We feel that having a way to ice and a brace along with the self-massage treatment will get you on the road to recovery. If you have any hesitation on any product or our self-massage treatment, please feel free to contact us at

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and visiting We are here to help and we love what we do.

Please feel free to send your feedback. If you want to tell us about a product or have an issue you need to treat,  let us know!

Wishing you a pain-free day,

Elizabeth & Carly

The Massage Gurus!


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