How to Build A Profitable and Satisfying Private Massage Therapy Practice for The Long Haul.

This page is dedicated to Licensed or Certified Massage Therapists, Student Therapists and those who’ve graduated and are starting a private practice. We will share with you everything we have learned over 20 years of practicing massage and promote products to help you create functional, inviting and, successful practices. Above all we will share ways to keep you free from injury and help you during times when your body might begin to feel the common strains of our profession. Burn out rate is high among massage therapists so it is essential you learn how to take care of your self and know your limits.  We give so much as Massage Therapists and yet, we forget to give back to ourselves. So make sure when your giving massage, your practicing good self-care and self-massage. And don’t forget to book yourself bodywork regularly.


We have chosen these particular books because we feel that Massage is not only a business, but also a way of being. Keeping your heart connected to your work will not only help people heal but they will keep coming back. Of course, it is vital to also know the business end. After many years of having a practice we realize that having a business mind along with a practicing from the heart is a sure way to succeed.

 Massage Tables

Together we own about 10 tables! Below are our favorites and the ones we have relied on for years.

Oakworks is a household name for Integrative Health Care professionals around the world.  The company is known for their top notch craftsmen ship and durability since 1977. These tables are sturdy, safe and they will last you a life time.

The Oakworks Wellsping is an amazing table that Carly has been using for the past 6 years. The Quality of this Made in the USA product is top of the line. The frame has a lifetime warranty and the  fabric is guaranteed for 5 years. At 27 pounds it is the best option if you have a traveling practice. If you do a lot of traveling you might also consider the Oakworks Table cart to make your life easier.

The Earthlite Harmony Portable Massage  is your standard reliable massage table. This is economically priced and the perfect table if you are starting your practice. It is sturdy and hand-crafted from hard Maple sourced from earth friendly managed forests.


The BestMassage Two Fold Portable Massage Table is your best price option retailing at about $58! This is our favorite option for house-call clients in NYC. The price makes it easy for clients to keep a table at their house making it easier for us to schedule sessions with out having to cart a table around.  You get what you pay for in the quality. If your setting up your home office go with one of the choices for a table that will last a lifetime.

Essential Accessories 


The Oakworks Table Cart is essential for your mobile massage practice. If you will be doing a lot of walking with your table a cart will make your life a lot easier!

Add the Therapist’s Choice® Deluxe Fleece Massage Table Warmer to your table for a luxurious massage experience. A table warmer is essential for the winter months and will make your clients feel like they are being pampered and taken care of.

A Bolster is also an essential component of your massage practice. When clients are laying face down you need to provide them with support under the ankles to take the pressure off of their low back and feet. Play around with different sizes and see which one works best for your clients. This round bolster is a staple that will fit most peoples needs.


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