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Some of my picks are also the best selling products from a company called TP Therapy.  They make tools to help keep you in tip top shape, especially if you’re athletic. I love most of their products. I’ve used them to keep me from getting worse in my work as a massage therapist. The self-massage tools are great and really help relieve Trigger Points and plain old tightness. So, take a look at the products below. I own all but the Golf kit and I just love them!

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The red ball is called a TP Factor Massage Ball and it’s firmer. There is no effort to be done. You can feel the deep pressure instantly. This one is only $24.99.

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TP Therapy Ball

The TP Therapy Ball

is great! This tool actually engages soft tissue and help break down trigger points. 

It is harder than your standard tennis ball and comes to a gentle point that can address specific areas. 

It’s only $19.99.


The GRID Foam Roller is a step up from regular rollers because its grooves really help break down knots. Use the GRID for a self-massage and roll through the tight muscles, knots and kinks that prevent feeling good and moving well. It’s $39.99.

This is a new product by TP Therapy. It is a new wonderful foot roller. It’s called the Nano Foot Roller and its only $24.99. It’s made to improve foot flexibility and keep your feet from pain. It is a great self-massaging tool and I highly recommend it! 


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The T Roller  is a great hand help massager. It is specifically for trigger points but it can be used to alleviate minor massage aches and pains as well. It is a new tool that is sold by the same company that sells the TP Therapy Ball. If you’re looking for a great self-massager it just sells for only $19.99 and its great as a gift for everyone. 

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TP 2-Ball Sleeve Thumbnail

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The TP 2 Ball Sleeve @ $9.99 is expressly for the TP Therapy Ball and the TP Factor Massage Ball. It holds the two either balls together so that they can be utilized as one along the spine. Not only can you use them on your neck, you can use it along your back muscles, too.  

For your favorite Golfer! This is the perfect gift for him or her to get themselves in great shape and stay in great shape during golf season. This collection is $149.99 for the full Performance Golf Kit. This company is amazing and most everything they sell I would use and recommend to anyone.


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