5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Body Limber

February 20, 2015

There are many ways to keep your body limber. I have narrowed it down to the 5 easiest ways for you to take a few minutes each day and keep yourself more fluid. There are times I do not have any time to really do much to keep loose, but before I go to bed I do a few things to help. Do each one depending on where you feel you need it most.

1. Are your feet taut?

2.Does your lower back feel stiff? 

3. Do your legs feel heavy?

4. Is flexibility a challenge for you in the morning?

5.Do you have tight hips? 

If so, you can do one or all of the following self-massage techniques just a few minutes a day to loosen up the muscles and joints. All 5 are perfect pressure point massages!

Here we go!

tpballfoot1. Use a ball untpballfoot2der your feet. I use the TP Therapy Ball under my feet for a few minutes and keep my feet, ankles, IT Band, and hips open and free. Just roll the ball under each foot until you feel relief on your plantar fascia. You can also massage your feet a little to help open them more. You may soak your feet before you begin to massage or use the ball. For a video on how to massage your feet head to My Self-Care Toolkit page and sign in. If you haven’t signed up you cannot gain access to the page. To do so go above or below and I will send you a password. Getting the password is a one-time process and you will always have access.

tpballjanetbackphoto2. Use the TP Therapy Ball on your QL muscles and give yourself the best massage for back pain and stiffness. Those are the muscles on either side of your spine in the lower back. You have to lie on the floor or on your bed and place the ball on the QL muscle and against the floor or bed your lying on. You can bring your leg up while keeping the ball in place. This will help open you up faster and loosen your entire body.




3. The two photos on the right show you how to roll the TP Therapy Ball on your legs. Start with rolling the ball on your Gastrocnemius and Achilles Muscles behind your lower leg then the side on the Peroneal Muscles. The ball will adhere to your body and allow you to release. Take a few minutes to find your pain and then press the ball and roll it. If you do this along with the feet you will feel great relief.



4. Look on your left here and you can see me using the ball on my scapula. Using the TP Therapy Ball on your shoulders is a great way to loosen not only your shoulders but your hips as well. The body works best when every thing is balanced.






5. Place the TP Therapy Ball on your hips. As long as you don’t have replacement hips or any reason stated by your physician you can place the ball on your Lateral Rotator muscles. They are six small muscles that rotate the hip out or laterally. They wrap around your hip joint. You can do this in a sitting position on any surface you prefer and massage trigger points away. If they are very tight you might feel pain, but I promise it will subside as you keep the ball in place.

You can purchase a TP Therapy Ball here.  Or you can use any ball you feel fits the criteria.


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and visiting massageatyourfingertips.com. I am here to help and I love what I do. If you want to tell me about a product or have an issue you need to treat, let me know!

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Wishing you a pain-free day,


The Massage Guru!

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