Self Massage 101 – How to Massage Your Pain Away

Our Best Sellers are just that. They are great products which I have sold the most on this site. They come from a company called TP Therapy and you can use them just about anywhere on your body. These self-massaging tools are amazing and they have videos on how to use most of them on their site. To see them just click your mouse on the box to the left.  

Arm Tools are just that. They’re products used on the arms. Whether forearm or upper arm it’s easy to self-massage. Help yourself when your hands get tired or are too week to do the work. Eliminating pain, inflammation, knots and help your range of motion. It’s easy to use and I am not the only one who agrees. To see it just click your mouse on the box to the right.


Introduction to Self Massage

Happy 2015!  This is the correct website to learn about self-massage. You reached a site that is full of wonderful ideas on how to give yourself a massage and treat your pain. We have videos for our loyal subscribers (you can subscribe above and below) and lots of giveaways. These items have been hand picked by me just for YOU! 


Back Tools can be wonderful when you feel relief from their use. If you have chronic back pain and you know you can use tools then we have some great ones. I have used many gadgets to alleviate my back pain for many years. To open up the Erector  Muscles along the spine and open up your QL muscle just click on the back tools button on the left. These are hand picked by me.


For those who suffer from neck issues then the Neck Tools store is where you need to go. I suffer from neck and should pain from massaging. I have used many tools in the last 15 years to rid my pain and stretch my neck. I have hand picked a few great ones for you. Just click the box on the right and relieve your pain away! 

There are more tools stores on the way. I will have the entire body mapped out. Then I will start with body massages for yourself. So check in every once in a while. I will post the opening of new stores on the email list. So go ahead and feel free to sign up above or below. You will also receive Free Videos and a heads up on our future Giveaways!  

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